Spotlight: 4 Really Cool Math Educators

I’ve really always been a learner, everything I ever do I just try to read and read and soak in every bit of information I can.  It is both a blessing and a curse!

If you are like me (you also have the drive and passion for getting better at teaching math), you have this never ending quest to read about math.  I wanted to introduce you to some great teachers I’ve been virtually meeting along the way.  They are just full of great ideas and also have a lot of interesting things to say on their own blogs as well. Check them out!

Evil Math Wizard: She is the first person I met virtually when I got started blogging.  We definitely think alike and have the same goals for our students in math!

The Elementary Math Maniac:  I also have noticed that we have similar beliefs in math. She also connects technology really well to learning, and reviews websites and apps on her blog.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 7.44.11 PM

The Research Based Classroom:  You won’t find just math here at her site, but other subjects as well.  She is focused on those very young learners, and believes in research based teaching methods. Outstanding!

Mr. Elementary Math: Full of great ideas, you can find Greg blogging about all sorts of classroom activities with lots of bright, vivid photos.

Enjoy meeting these fine folks!